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Marine Metagenomics for New Biotechnological Applications



To the end-users and collaborators

The MAMBA consortium uses >30 screens to score the metagenomic libraries for enzymatic activities and has developed and optimized 4 new screen tests for enzymes catalyzing the oxygenation of C-H bonds, for general monooxygenase activity, for enzymes catalyzing the epoxidation of stryrene, for enzymes catalyzing the formation of unsaturated fatty acids and production of pigments.



The consortium has established 16 fosmid and 11 lambda phage libraries from metagenomes and genomes of extremophilic microbial communities and microorganisms.

We have screened about 4 million clones from above resources and identified 1.589 positive clones, covering 19 single or multiple activities.

355 genes encoding enzymes of interest were selected.

745 enzymatic clone extracts with activities relevant to biotechnological applications.

58 gene clusters, presumably producing secondary metabolites identified in silico.

2337 proteins resistant to UV identified and characterized.

29 enzymes fully characterized. 

We have de-novo sequenced and automatically annotated 8 metagenomes and five bacterial/archaeal genomesfrom which few hundred candidate genes from which about 100 were genes coding enzymes of interest.

The access to protocols, data, or clones can be granted to third parties upon request to the Coordinator, Prof Peter Golyshin     p.golyshin@bangor.ac.uk