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Cruise 2010


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Route 2010

MAMBA 2010 team

Michail Yakimov, Erika Arcadi, Simone Cappello, Violetta La Cono, Gina La Spada, Giovanna Maimone, Luis Monticelli, Elvira Oliveri, Francesco Smedile (IAMC-CNR Messina); Mireno Borghini, Donato Giovannelli (ISMAR-CNR La Spezia); Stephane L’Haridon, Marie Roumagnac (UBO); Manuel Ferrer (CSIC); Peter N. Golyshin (Bangor University).

Key findings



Thetis Lake                                                     Kryos Lake                             


During the cruise in addition to the Thetis, we sampled another anoxic deep-sea lake, named Kryos, by name of depression at the proximity. The Kryos Basin, is a narrow, N-S elongated fracture, with brine interface at 3337 m depth. The brine composition is athalassohaline (ca. 4M of bischoffite [MgCl2x6H2O]) similar to the Discovery Lake composition. The recovered black, ’oily’ at the top, sediments, were much reduced (ca. -400 mV). The estimated maximum depth of both lakes was approximately 150m.




Mud volcano



Kryos sediments